Mourinho’s Former Teammate Reveals Why the Special One Failed as a Footballer


Jose Mourinho’s playing career could have blossomed and he, likely, would have become a very successful footballer if he put in the work, recalls his former teammate, Baltemar Brito.

Mourinho and Brito played for the Portuguese club Rio Ave, and the former was an attacking midfielder.


But Brito has revealed that the Tottenham boss didn’t work as hard as he should have done when he was on the pitch.


In ab interview with Bleacher Report, he said: “He was an attacking midfielder, usually playing behind the target man.


“He had great ability, but what may have held him back is that he already had his life sorted in a way at the time – his mother was a teacher, his father, a coach.”


Before he added: “Our impression was that football was like a hobby for him.


“Although he enjoyed playing it, he was a bit lazy, he didn’t work as hard as he should have done physically.


“He did what he had to do and that was it. He didn’t go the extra mile.


“He wanted the easy life, to have the ball at his feet, he was not willing to go to war for that.


“Perhaps, this is what stopped him from being a better footballer.”


Mourinho was asked about Brito’s assessment of his work ethic during his Tottenham press conference on Friday.


When asked if the description was accurate, Mourinho replied: “Correct, absolutely correct.”


“Offered. Take him. Take him for free.”


The former Chelsea chief was then asked whether he’d play a young Mourinho in his side.


He replied: “I wouldn’t play him, I wouldn’t play him, that’s so easy.”


After he was asked if he’d have sold him, Mourinho claimed: “Sold? Offered. Take him. Take him for free.”


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