Morocco World Cup bid Upheld, Celebrate


Morocco will become only the second African country to host the FIFA World Cup.

On Wednesday, FIFA President Gianni Infantino confirmed the joint bid between Spain, Portugal and Morocco to host the 2030 tournament has been approved by the world governing body.


Morocco will join South Africa as the only African nations to host the biggest football event in the World.


CAF issued a statement on Thursday, lauding Morocco:

“The Confédération Africaine de Football (“CAF”) congratulates Morocco and its partners, Portugal and Spain on the decision by the FIFA Council to endorse Morocco, Portugal and Spain to host the FIFA World Cup 2030.

The FIFA World Cup will be coming in 2030 to Africa for the second time in the 100-year history of the World Cup, when Morocco in partnership with Portugal and Spain, hosts the FIFA World Cup 2030.

The award of the FIFA World Cup 2030 is subject to a successful bidding process which will be conducted by the FIFA Administration and the decision of the FIFA Congress.”


In 2030, FIFA will celebrate the World Cup centennial anniversary, marking 100 years since the first edition was hosted in Uruguay.

As part of the celebrations, Infantino said three single World Cup matches will be played across Uruguay and their South American neighbors Argentina, Chile and Paraguay.


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