Morocco Receives Apology Over Gay Question During Presser


In a recent press conference held ahead of Morocco’s Women’s World Cup opener against Germany, BBC officials have offered an apology for an “inappropriate” question posed by one of their reporters to Atlas Lioness captain, Ghizlane Chebbak.

During the press conference, which was intended to focus on football-related matters, the reporter from BBC asked Chebbak about the presence of gay players in Morocco’s squad and inquired about their experiences in a country where same-sex relationships are illegal.


The question was met with immediate intervention from the moderator, who stated that the topic was highly political and requested that questions pertaining to football be addressed instead.

However, the reporter persisted, arguing that the matter was about people and not politics, and urged for the question to be answered.

The incident sparked discussions about the appropriateness of such inquiries in a sports-related setting and raised concerns about the potential harm or distress caused to those involved.

In response, a BBC spokesperson later stated that the question was recognized as inappropriate, and the intention was not to cause any harm or distress.

Morocco’s participation in this year’s Women’s World Cup marks a historic moment, as it is the first time an African-Arab country has ever qualified for the prestigious tournament.


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