MLS Ball Boys Are Absolutly Mischievous


These MLS ball boys would test every ouce of patience in you.

Ball boys can often grab all the attention with their antics and mischief.

This little LAD in the States certainly did that following his moment of brilliance on the touchline. We don’t quite know when this happened but it’s just come to our attention.

As the player retrieves the ball to take a throw-in, a ball boy incredibly intervenes in hilarious fashion. So, this ball boy has the ball raised above his arms, ready to fire at the player. He eventually launches the ball at the MLS full-back just as he lifts the ball above his own head, connecting with the match-ball, spilling both balls onto the field.

Let’s tickle your ribs a little – check this out:


Hopefully, an MLS player won’t lose it like the brazilians did.


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