Minister urges Nigeria to Host World Cup


Nigeria’s Minister of works and housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola has urged the Country to bid for the hosting right of a FIFA World Cup.

Fashola believes Nigeria stands to benefit immensely from the economic benefits that come from hosting the tournament.

Speaking after commissioning the second Niger Bridge, the Minister said that Nigeria must lead the way in hosting global tournaments in Africa and can even collaborate with other African countries to host the event.

“That is the stage where National anthems are rendered with National flags and colours displayed to the pride and admiration of patriots and perhaps the envy of competitors.”

“A bid to host the World Cup by Nigeria alone or along with other West African nations must be led by Nigeria.

“The challenges of launching a successful bid are enormous enough, but they are nothing compared to the actual hosting,”

“I vote for Nigeria to venture and to lead the bid for a major global sporting event.

“I am able to also report that in the current national development plans, sports is now one of the economic drivers rather than just recreation and a hobby. With the policy now in place, the economic benefits must begin to converge,”

He also questioned why the Super Eagles still wear kits designed and manufactured by foreign manufacturers, when the country has a successful fashion industry and suggested that the Nigerian Jersey should be subject to competition between local designers.

“For example, with our success in fashion, why are our Super Eagles still wearing foreign designs? Why can we not convene a local design competition to produce a new Jersey for the Super Eagles? Why can we not decide that our athletes wear Nigerian designs? ,“

“A dream it may be, but dreams are the foundations of many realities. Our nation must be thankful for this big idea. We must recognize its potential and see beyond the messenger.”


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