Minister of sports in Sierra Leone speaks after FIFA ban


I have never seen Sierra Leone so united on a course like what I saw today.

The FIFA ban slammed on Sierra Leone is unanimously described as inappropriate, unreasonable, and miscalculated action to disrespect our values and laws as an independent nation.

No matter what happens, we stand strong to defend our motherland.

No outside body should dictate or overshadow our constitution and legal institutions.

The case against Isha Johanson and others is genuine and the Anti Corruption Commission ( ACC) is a parliamentary body established under consistent rules to fight corruption and Sierra Leone Football Association ( SLFA) is not exempted.

We welcome the ban as long as discipline is instituted in SLFA.

No National league for the last four years.

Yet, FIFA was muted.

Go ahead and ban us but your collaborators will pay heavily for this embarrassment.


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