Mikel Obi Hopes for Victor Osimhen’s Premier League Move


Former Chelsea midfielder and Super Eagles Legend, John Mikel Obi, says he hopes to see Victor Osimhen join a Premier League club in the next summer transfer window.

Mikel Obi, who had a successful career in the Premier League with Chelsea, praised Osimhen as the type of striker that Premier League clubs desire, and backed him to succeed if he makes the move to England.


Following last season’s incredible run with Napoli, the Nigeria International garnered attention among Europe’s top teams.

“I think he does slot seamlessly into the Premier League. He got the tools to be a success in England,” said Mikel Obi.


“When I look back at him a few years ago, I would say ‘no.’ But now watching him last season and watching him this season, I would say definitely.


“He would come into the Premier League and he would slot right in. He would get you goals, he would run behind defenders, he would stretch the team.


“And I think this is what probably when you look at a lot of the teams now in Premier League, that’s what they’re looking for,” Mikel explained in Obi One Podcast.

“A striker who can run. Who wants to run behind the defenders because then it helps your team. Doesn’t it?

“He stretches the defenders, the game becomes open and then you can create chances. And I think that’s what Victor would definitely give you.

“I hope you come to Chelsea. But from noises that I hear, he is a big United fan. But I hope he comes to Chelsea really.”


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