Mikel, Ighalo faces new challenge in China.


Changchun Yatai of China striker, Odion Jude Ighalo faces another huge challenge why he might exit Chinese domain in the window transfer.

 While his fellow compatriot, John Mikel Obi Tianjin Teda midfielder, could follow suit, due to new rules restricting the salaries they can earn at their respective club sides .
Ighalo is might be strongly considering his future with Yatai, following their relegation last season, while Mikel has been bogged by series of injuries that put his future in doubt at Tianjin.
Ighalo and Mikel may certainly be encouraged to act fast and move on, as clubs in the Chinese Super League (CSL) will be required to adhere to a new set of regulations from next season, including a player salary cap, restrictions on cash injections for clubs, as well as player bonuses, transfer fees and salaries.
The new rules requires clubs to confide to a unified accounting and player contract standards, while the salary cap will set limits on the amount of earnings they can spend on player remuneration.
Starting in the 2019 season, every domestic player must sign labour contracts and single-game bonus limits will be introduced, with the amounts announced at the start of each season.
Cash payments and similar types of awards will be highly restricted.
This new reform in the Chinese Super League  might just be an act of ejection method of foreign players from the Chinese settings.


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