Mendy Acquitted! Jury Finds No Evidence to Support Rape Allegation


Former Manchester City defender, Benjamin Mendy, has been acquitted of rape charges after the jury concluded that there was insufficient evidence to support the allegations.

The trial involved a woman who claimed that Mendy had forcibly taken her phone and subsequently raped her in a locked bedroom.


During the proceedings, Mendy maintained his innocence and told the jury that the encounter was consensual.

He further stated that the two had even exchanged contact details on Snapchat following their interaction.

When questioned about whether he had forcefully restrained or coerced the woman, the Frenchman adamantly denied, stating that he would never engage in non-consensual activities.

Mendy, who became the Premier League’s most expensive defender in 2017 when Manchester City acquired him from Monaco for ¬£52 million, enjoyed a successful career with the club, winning three league titles.

Additionally, he was a crucial member of France’s victorious 2018 World Cup squad. However, the club opted not to renew his contract, and he departed at the end of June.

Following the trial, Mendy’s solicitor, Jenny Wiltshire, expressed gratitude to the jury for focusing on the presented evidence rather than the speculations and rumors surrounding the case.

Wiltshire emphasized that this was the second trial in which Mendy had been tried and found not guilty, and he was pleased that the jurors reached the correct verdict.

The conclusion of this trial marks an important legal outcome for the 28 year-old, who has maintained his innocence throughout the proceedings.


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