Manchester United Ready to Dump Greenwood


Manchester United are reportedly reconsidering their decision regarding the reintegration of Mason Greenwood into the first-team squad due to a significant public backlash caused by leaked reports.

The club had been preparing for Greenwood’s return, but the reaction from fans, domestic violence charities, and politicians has led to a reassessment of the situation.

The young forward had been suspended for the past 18 months due to allegations involving an accuser who sued the football star for battery and assault.

He had faced charges of attempted rape and assault, but the Crown Prosecution Service discontinued the case six months ago.

Manchester United’s internal investigation into the matter had been nearing its conclusion, and CEO Richard Arnold was reportedly planning to announce Greenwood’s return in early August.

However, the strong negative response, including some club staff considering going on strike, has prompted the hierarchy to reconsider their decision.


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