Mainz Suspends El Ghazi Over Controversial Social Media Post


Former Premier League star Anwar El Ghazi, who recently joined German club Mainz, finds himself suspended by the Bundesliga side just one month after his arrival.

El Ghazi’s suspension comes in response to a social media post made by the player regarding the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza.


The Dutch winger, who had previously been linked with Manchester United, uploaded a pro-Palestine statement on Instagram, which he has since removed.

Mainz has taken this action, stating that El Ghazi’s stance on the Middle East conflict is deemed unacceptable by the club.

He had signed a season-long deal with Mainz on September 22 after being released by Dutch side PSV Eindhoven.

However, his tenure with the club was short-lived, as he played only three matches before this suspension.

Mainz made an official statement regarding the decision, asserting their commitment to respect varying perspectives on the complex Middle East conflict but emphasizing their distance from the content of El Ghazi’s social media post, as it does not align with the club’s values.


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