Mabo wants Nigeria to start taking the bull by the horn aftermaths of Falcons defeat to France

Former Falcons coach Ismaila Mabo has stated that it’s high time the Nigeria women national team step things up and stake claim for relevance beyond mere trying to make a statement and making statement following the team’s 1-0 defeat to host  nation France Monday night which meant the Falcons will have to wait and hope they get lucky with result elsewhere.
Mabo who guided the team to a quarter final place in 1999 told that the team winning just a game in three isn’t good enough still and that Nigeria should by now have gone beyond this level. He added that the approach was ultra defensive and would have been tough either way to get a win against France even if the French ladies haven’t gotten a penalty.
“I think we should try to do away with that thinking of luck every time. We are been the architect of what happen in the game. I don’t think I have seen a fantastic side in the French ladies even as the host nation. But right from the word go, our approach was defensive and throughout.”


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