Looming Financial crisis for already Cash strapped NFF


More of the Nigerian Football Federation’s (NFF) big partners have threatened to end their affiliations when the current contracts expire, putting the Federation on the verge of a difficult financial year.

Their (Marketing partners) complaints center on the perceived unethical approach to business partnerships.

With major sponsors having cut partnership ties with the football governing body, some other corporate partners are said to be on the verge of walking out at the expiration of their deals with the NFF.

According our sources, the Football body has a large number of sponsorship agreements estimated to worth hundreds of million naira.

In a recent expose, by an official with one of the Federation’s corporate partners, the leaks revealed that the brand “regrets” working with the NFF on the basis of their terrible attitude to business.

The source said: “We are not a charity organization, which doles out money without getting anything in return. We entered into the partnership with NFF because we thought a big brand like Nigerian football would present great marketing opportunities for us. But that is not the case.”

“We kept quiet because we thought the Qatar 2022 World Cup would give us the chance to make up for whatever we lost marketing our brand during the qualifiers. But we didn’t even qualify for the World Cup.”

“During the qualifiers, we went through hell to even place our pitch panels at the National Stadium, which was part of the privileges we were to get from the agreement.”


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