LMC Hammer falls on Rangers Int’l over Gross Misconduct.


Rangers International has been fined a total of N2.5m for breaches of Rule B13.52.1, B13.52.2 and B8.21 during their MatchDay 14 fixture against Katsina United.


The LMC in a Summary Jurisdiction notice charged the club for failure to ensure adequate and effective crowd control as spectators gained access to restricted area such as the running tracks in breach of Rule B13.52.1.

Rangers was also charged for failure to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to restricted areas and threatening match Officials on their way to the dressing room at half time in breach of Rule B13.52.2.

A third charge against Rangers International was breach of RuleB8.21 in that the club failed to provide adequate security for match Officials who were prevented from gaining access to the dressing room and forced to remain on the pitch at half time.


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