Kwara United: Okonkwo questions Mohammed’s Pedigree, gives Dogo Target


Following the resignation of Audu Mohammad Azeez as Kwara United Coach, former Striker Christian Okonkwo argues that the gaffer’s sack was long coming.

Okonkwo insists the Kwara United job was always going to be difficult for Azeez as he had no pedigree in the NPFL to coach a club of that magnitude.

In a chat with FL Okonkwo revealed that the former Coach struggled with adapting and also failed to meet his target despite having everything at his disposal.

“I don’t even know Coach Audi Mohammad in the Nigerian league, this is the first I am hearing of him. I don’t even know the club he coached in Nigeria before, I am surprised they gave him the job.

“Ilorin is a difficult place if you don’t know the terrain, it’s going to be difficult for you. I was thinking they were going to call somebody familiar.

“They gave him all the platform; there is money in the team, Kwara United is one of the riches team in Nigeria. I don’t know why things are going wrong, me myself I am not happy, but my assurance is that with Dogo coming in, I know things are going to change and come back.”

Former Wikki Tourist gaffer Kabiru Dogo has been handed the reins and Okonkwo thinks that with support the Kwara-born manager will excel.

He also revealed that Kabiru Dogo’s target should be escaping relegation and finishing in the top half of the table.

“Let us give Kabiru Dogo the grace because he is from Ilorin. I think he is going to have the support of the team, I called him this morning and I told him that I know with him there all of us are going to give him the support.

“The team is going to get back to shape, I am giving my 110 percent support to Kabiru Dogo. I think the target now is for them to escape relegation; leave the relegation zone and stay in the middle of the league, and prepare for next season at least next season will be a full league not an abridged league.”


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