Jose Mourinho’s Son Issues Statement on His Father


Jose Mourinho Jr. has been taunted by football fans a little too much lately on Twitter after he released a statement telling them they will be blocked.

The 18 year old named Jose, is a budding footballer himself having been on the books at Fulham.

He has a Twitter following of 43,400 people to which he asked for film recommendations last night.

Mourinho Jnr tweeted: “Anyone got a good horror movie to watch? Can’t find a good one that I haven’t watched. Open to suggestions.”

But he was inundated with replies mocking his Manchester United boss dad Jose.

“Jose Mourinho at MUFC 2017/2018 season,” wrote one while another said: “Uniteds transfer window.”

Referencing one of Mourinho’s career lows, one supporter said: “Chelsea FC 15/16 season.”

“Manchester united 1-2 sevilla, Sevilla 0-0 Manchester united,” added a fellow fan.

Days earlier Jose Jnr had told fans to stop bombarding him with barbs about his father.


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