Jay Jay Okocha Endorses Osimhen Premier League Switch


Nigerian football icon, Austin “Jay Jay” Okocha has suggested that a switch to the English Premier League for Victor Osimhen will be a good decision.

Osimhen, 24, has been at the centre of a transfer whirlwind between the biggest European teams, including Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, PSG and Bayern Munich.

The forward is the Serie A’s top scorer and has already made known his desire to one day play in another top league, preferably the PL, and he has been encouraged by Okocha to make the switch.

“Well I mean he’s done well, he’s having a great season,” Okocha told the BBC.

“And I think he duly deserves the praise he’s getting, but the ultimate for him is to play in the Premier League which he has made clear as well.

“We are following his progress and I think what he can achieve is limitless based on if he continues putting in the hard work that he’s put in so far.

“It’s a league (Premier League) that improves players as well, and you have to find the right club that suits your game to make things easier for yourself, so without any doubt, he is good to play in the Premier League,” he said.


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