Iwobi will Hate Wilshere! Former Arsenal Star reveals Youngster’s Terrible Habit


Alex iwobi has – or maybe had – a reputation at Arsenal that he’d even be ashamed to speak of in public, but former Arsenal man Jack Wilshere won’t mind spilling it all.

Iwobi has grown in influence on the pitch, recently, at the club under new Manager Unai Emery, but the Nigerian youngster was known more for some terrible habits in the locker by his teammates no so long ago.


In an interview granted when he was still a Gunner, Wilshere told a British TV show, Soccer AM, that Iwobi was a habitual late comer and would get fined a lot by Per Mertesacker.


“I’d say Alex Iwobi gets fined the most for being late. Per Mertesacker can’t believe it, or understand why someone will be late; which is fair enough you couldn’t be late,” Wilshere explained.


“I think the one thing you can always say as a professional footballer is that I’m not going to be late, I’m going to give my hardest but that late is not acceptable.

“Even if it’s two minutes late if you’re going to be there at ten be there at ten,” said Wilshere.


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