Is Imade Osarenkhoe the Real Deal?


How good is Imade Osarenkhoe?

You could say he’s built like a poacher, perhaps Osarenkhoe is an intelligent marksman; well timed runs matched by his execution.

One thing is sure though, the Young striker has caught the eyes of many; and you didn’t have to be deeply invested to know.

Leading the Frontline and big ambitions of a traditional club, a sleeping giant, albeit in a small market, these things have sprung the Player’s image beyond his own reckoning.

A nationwide attention and the hard-tackling, studs up challenges have greeted his debut season in the NPFL.

Bendel Insurance earned promotion back to the NPFL after a season’s absence.

The team comprises underdogs with a point to prove and a Coach, Monday Odigie, who understands the terrain from his playing days and experience as a young Coach.

These factors could impact the 22 year-old, or may have and so he is playing without any pressure, but with a solid support from within.

In the first half of the season, Osarenkhoe netted six goals in nine games, he has added two more since the resumption of the campaign.

He led the top scorer’s chart at some point and won multiple Player of the month awards, just to emphasize his dominance.

Be it as it may, Imade Osarenkhoe isn’t without competition, the standard bearer for any player to establish himself among the superstar talents unearthed from NPFL.

The toughest hurdle he must surmount is the scathing, unwanted toga of a one season wonder.

In more contemporary times, the NPFL is replete with the oft uninspiring tales of the next big star who turned out to be a flash in the pan.

The season is laced many credit points to score and the chance to write a more profound story than is already told about his impressive start off the block.

So, is Imade Osarenkhoe the real deal?


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