IMC’s One Chance to Save NPFL – Okonkwo


Former Sharks and Kwara United player Christian Okonkwo has called for transparency in the officiating of NPFL matches ahead of the new league season.

In a chat with FL, Okonkwo charged the IMC to tackle the “must win syndrome” for home teams in the League and advocated for prompt payment of players salaries and match bonuses.

“I want the IMC to make the league standard, let the referees officiate well, we don’t want any foul officiating we want teams to go away and get a point, we don’t want must win Syndrome of home teams winning,” the former NPFL player said.

“We want the protection of the players also, we don’t want any team to hold any player salary. If the salary is 10 naira once it is due to pay, you pay the players their salaries and bonuses, because the players don’t have pension.

“It’s from the salary and their bonuses they are using to take care of their families.”

He also advocated for a structure within the League, ‘because it is important for teams to know when the league starts and end.’

He also stressed the need for the IMC to start well and ensure that they are organised, meticulous and accountable.


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