“I’m going to show that, if you’re willing to pay the price, you can do what you want.”- Dani Alves plans to play at 2022 World cup


Ahead of Nigeria’s friendly on October 13, against Brazil, Captain of the national team and Sao Paulo player, Dani Alves who has won more major trophies than any footballer in history dreams of adding another world cup trophy to his name and help the Brazilian national team get back on top, despite few people believing in him to achieve the feat.

On November 2022 when the FIFA world cup gets underway in Qatar, Alves will be 39years 5months old but has no plans to watch from the stands rather to put in the work in order to make the World cup with the rest of the Brazilian team “I will be almost 40 years old at the next World Cup and I will work my socks off to make it.”

After winning the World cup in 2014, Dani Alves missed out of the 2018 World Cup with a serious knee injury but returned less than a year later overcoming depression to guide the Brazil national team to 2019 Copa America glory.

Opening up on his struggles he said “Towards the end of my recovery, I almost had feellings of depression, I couldn’t do one of the things I love the most but at the Final because the year had been very tough, I had survived and I was there playing a final “

The Seleção’s captain who joined Sao Paulo in August 2019, after 17 years playing for some of Europe’s biggest clubs chose to join the Brazilian professional football club not as a retirement plan but to challenge himself and do the impossible- restore São Paulo to their former glories. “I wanted the stability to be able to fight for my dream, which is playing the 2022 World Cup. The other clubs didn’t believe in my potential. They think I don’t have anything to offer any more. I’m going to show that, if you’re willing to pay the price, you can do what you want.”

On his football achievement “Success is giving your best. Achievement is depriving yourself of things to get to where great young people aim to be. You have to say: ‘I’m here, focused. I’ll put my blinkers on and nothing will put me off.’ Sometimes in life you have be deaf, dumb and blind and let your soul carry you to get closer to your objectives. If you win without sacrifice, without effort, you will triumph with no glory at all.”


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