Ighalo to choose between limelight and Secured Financial Future – Finidi


Former Nigerian player George Finidi says Odion Ighalo will have to decide if he wants to stay in the limelight or get paid with the Striker caught between making a permanent switch to Manchester United or returning to China.

Ighalo has settled in at Manchester United after securing a dream move, albeit on loan from Shanghai Shenhua.


The Nigerian has also impressed Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who is open to keeping the 30-year-old at Old Trafford beyond the current.


However, Shanghai Shenhua expects their Nigerian goal poacher to return before the start of the new football season in China, with a tempting £200,000 per week wage offer on the table.


But, the decision wouldn’t be too difficult to make according to Finidi George, who played for Real Betis in La Liga before switching in his twilight years to Ipswich Town.


Speaking on the Ighalo situation, the former Footballer said it was a question of picking the limelight or securing the future.


“If he wants to be in the limelight he has to stay with the Premier League in England but, if he is going for the money he has to go back to China,” Finidi told footballlive.


“It all depends on what he wants at this stage of his career, he is thirty now so, he should look at what is before him and make a decision. If he feels he can still do well in the Premiership in England and wants to be in the limelight, I will advise him to stay. But if other wise, he’s going for the money, he should go back to China and grab all he could grab for now.


“This football career is very short you know twelve, fourteen years and it is all over so, you will have to make use of the maximum you can during this period of time because that’s what is going to keep you afloat when you retire,” he said.


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