I need to score more goals! Alex Iwobi makes brutally honest admission


Alex Iwobi has admitted that he needs to add goals and assists to his game to become a better player.

Iwobi admitted to receiving the gauntlet from Everton boss Rafael Benitez, who has been quite impressed with his performances.
The 25-year old has only two league goals for the Toffees in 58 appearances.
“The manager is always talking to me and trying to help me,” the 25-year-old told evertontv. “It’s helped me a lot so far this season.
“It’s not just me, of course, but the whole team [he speaks to].
“My confidence is playing a big part, too. I’m pushing a bit more up the field and getting involved in attacks.
“I just need to add more goals and assists, like the manager wants.
“With the manager, he doesn’t give us any rest, he’s onto us 24/7. This is what we need.
“You can see everyone’s playing with a lot of confidence. That big motivation is there [to continue achieving positive results].
“We’ve started off very well, but we have to keep going until the end. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”
“It’s healthy competition and we [the forwards] always say to each other, ‘We have to try to improve our stats and get involved with goals.”
“For me, it’s about working on my play in the final third, whether it’s a cross or a finish. All the attackers are the same…we’re always working and doing extras with that.
“Whether it’s on the pitch or in training, we’re demanding a lot from each other.
“It’s not just Seamus [Coleman], the captain, everyone is demanding from everyone.
“In our games this season, I think you can see the team spirit from minute one until the end.”


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