I have shifted my NPFL Target to Aiteo Cup: Samuel mathias


Elkanemi Warriors attacking midfielder Samuel Matthias has scored two goals in two matches speaking Exclusively to www.footballive.ng is the Former U 20 player first and foremost i give God the Glory for the grace to score the only goal for my team.

I am so grateful for the outright victory over our opponent ,it is a thing of joy for me and also the entire team as well.

Watching the game from the reserve bench Great intensity is whatl i saw that we needed someone to make it count for us in the areas of goals.

The talented warrior further said as a player who is always determined i had it in mind that i wanted to score a goal just Iike our previous match in which i did score a goal too.

I wanted to keep the same momentum , drive and zeal of scoring goals consistently week in, week out that was my take before i entered into the game and i scored at the end of the day.

Although the cross bar wasn’t friendly at first with the shoots taking by the striker in different occasions which he also said i wouldn’t have been pleased with my performance if i had not scored a goal which eventually happened because i was in the pace to ride the team to victory at all cost all thanks to my team mates.

The player who has a record of almost a double digit figure in the numbers of goals scored last season both in FA cup and the NPFL as well.

I faced some challenges during the NPFL league in terms of goal scoring , wasn’t at my peak at that moment, which i realized i needed to work harder if really i want to carve a name for myself in my profession.

The goal scoring warrior said i had a target to score more goals in the remaining 14 matches of the NPFL matches which unfortunately came to an untimely end.

He concluded by saying i have shifted my NPFL targets to the Atieo Cup and i need to put it in execution in order to achieve my expectations and the my team’s expectations as well.


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