I am delighted to have first game victory – Ngozi Elechi.


The head coach of Yobe Desert Ngozi Elechi, who was officially unveiled some days ago before made his first debut as a coach in the Ahlan preseason tournament.

Ngozi Elechi with Kola

The coach who first assignment ended in a 1nil victory for his team. Spoke to www.footballlive.ng Kosaying.

I am delighted to have my first game victory in the colour of yobe stars after leaving my former team Go-Round . I am so delighted that my first outing ended on victory note for me.

Assessing my opponent cynosure Fc of port Harcourt , they are a very intelligent and familiar Side all the years spent in Go Round, i have played cynosure Fc 4-5 good times , i lost one match to them and won about 4 matches against them.

One thing about Cynosure Fc that the are a very technical team, having defeated top elite clubs , they are a common enemy i know very well, it actually gave me an edge over them because i prepared very well to battle them.

I am very impressed and satisfied with what i saw in the game, my boys were awesome and i must commend them, my hope have being propelled more towards being very optimistic by them.

I am amazed at our new acquisitions their intelligent moves, their tactical passes shows in time to come the will do much more better .

Describing the Ahlan tournament i will say in my own very words it is very good and amazing tournament , i really commend the organizers of the tournament they have done so well in the area put things in order.

What got me so surprised was that management made arrangements to see one of my player in the hospital who was injured in the cause of the game.

I urge them to continue in this manner, and i believe in due time it will spread wider even to neighboring countries coming to participate in the tournament.

As for the fans, were a sight to behold, the came out in large numbers to support the tournament and i said to myself if such magnitude of crowd can come out in this number for a pre-season tourney , i wonder what league matches will look like. I am amazed with what i have seen so far and it is encouraging the Yobe Desert gaffer concluded.


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