Hush Money! Man City Star Mendy wins Twitter over Again!


Manchester City’s social media king, Benjamin Mendy was at it again this week with one of his jokey, candor twitter masterpieces.

Mendy’s latest tweet is one of many in the series of replies to Pep Guardiola’s advise that the player “forget a little bit the social media”.


However, the 24-year-old World Cup winner is an unrepentant, social media buff, who spends a lot of time on his phone whether at Manchester City’s training ground or in the dressing room.


Recently, he posted a picture of himself with a Man City trainer with the caption : Low key putting money in his pocket so I can keep using my phone during training 📱👀 #hushmoney 🤫😂


This coming on the same day he told Jamie Jackson [The Guardian] that “Every time I am with my phone I am on Instagram or Twitter and [so] now I need to be careful.”


“When I am at the training centre, the CFA [City Football Academy], I don’t use my phone but instead I listen to the manager.”


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