How much Longer can Super Falcons hold on to Africa’s top spot?


The status quo does not exactly tell the full story of what the bigger situation is.

Despite the Super Falcons retaining their place in the world ranking as one of the best 50 Women NTs, the team has actually regressed and is fast losing it’s status as the best team on the Continent.

The Super Falcons have not been convincing in terms of results, no thanks to the hiring and firing of Coach and the reliance on aged players.

Much is often left to be desired by Randy Waldrum, whose credentials to lead the team is still under scrutiny.

It is no longer a debate, that the Super Falcons have surrendered their stronghold on the African continent, which saw them win as much as nine WAFCON titles in 11 different editions.

South Africa have gradually stepped up the ladder and are not only providing competition to Nigeria.

Following closely behind are the Moroccans, who have seen their reputation risen from minnows to actual competitors on the continent, the last WAFCON is a testament to that fact.

Only time will tell how long the supposed African Giants maintain their status quo of “lost the crown but still top of the Mountain”, as the only African national team in the the top 50.


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