How Manchester City Won the UEFA Super Cup?


This August, England’s Manchester City defeated Spain’s Sevilla in a penalty shootout in the UEFA Super Cup. The regular time ended in a 1:1 draw, but the penalty shootout led to City’s victory with the score of 5:4 for the second time since 1991. It was a long and challenging match that caused a sensation among soccer fans. The fight was quite intense, and nobody managed to prevail for a long time.

Did anyone expect this outcome? The answer is purely rhetorical. However, many bettors were placing their stakes during this match and relied on some vital information. Let’s do a little research and look at this match in detail. Also, when you are eager to make a stake, log into your Betway Kenya account to start betting in real-time when your favorite match is on.

Some Facts Before the Match

Manchester City has a long list of trophies in the English league, but only a couple of prizes won in the Champions League and Winner’s Cup competitions. Therefore the UEFA Cup was the final element that made their trophy stand shiny and more successful.

Despite the fact that Spanish Sevilla was considered a favorite because of its previous match history with Roma and other eminent clubs, Manchester also was considered a strong team. Besides, the City’s trainer Pep Guardiola has a history of previously winning UEFA matches with other famous teams.

Long Fight

The beginning of the match was quite dynamic. The City had an opportunity to make the score equal several times right before the break. However, first Erling Holland failed to get to Phil Foden’s pass into the penalty area, and then Mateo Kovacic was late for Jack Grealish’s pass.

At the beginning of the second part of the game, Sevilla players had a huge chance to increase their advantage. The Spanish team launched a brilliant counterattack in the 50th match minute. Lucas Ocampos on the left flank flew forward and gave a perfect pass to En-Nesyri, but the Moroccan player shot accurately into Ederson. Later Ocampos’ cross could have been turned into a goal, but the Argentine either tried to shoot or pass, and in the end, the ball just flew near the bar.


A new duel between players happened in the 63rd minute of the match. But no more goals followed. Seems that Sevilla spent much time trying to break City’s defense and probably lost some energy. So the whole gaming tactics showed later that they were leaving it to the penalty series.

Fortunate Case & A Little Bit of Skills

The game can be analyzed from different angles. Obviously, both teams’ powers are almost equal, and only a matter of fortune can sometimes become crucial. The whole game was intense and kept its fans in anticipation that one of the teams should prevail in the end. However, it did not happen. But if we look at the professional evaluation of the game made by experts before it, the City got a 60.47% of a potential win, and Sevilla only 20.24%.

Who Bet on This Outcome?

Many bettors were waiting for this event and made their predictions beforehand. However, some professionals knew the tricks that helped them succeed by placing a correct stake. Some punters prefer to bet on a draw, but depending on the market, you can either return your stake or lose because of the complexity of a particular match.


First of all, many punters prefer to thoroughly check all the previous games played by both teams and make their bets relying on statistical data. Sure, not each bettor would like to spend time and do homework. You can always apply to some prediction websites, which generate and uncover their prognosis.

Live Betting

Another more effective trick is to try and bet in a live mode. Therefore, it is difficult to make a fortunate prediction if we have almost equally strong teams, and live betting is the number one solution. In real-time wagering, there is no need to place your stake before the game, you can do it any time while the match is on.

Expert Opinion

It is wise to get familiar with prognosis theories from true experts. They usually publish their assumptions in blogs. This option is also suitable for punters who prefer to rely on pure luck as if they play a casino slot. Experts usually explain their predictions by providing some vital facts.

What’s Next?

These experts’ expectations that the Man City team was a favorite are now confirmed. Although their calculations favored this team’s chances a bit more, the fact still stays. It is difficult to argue that such matches offer a wonderful opportunity for all the fans to enjoy the game and win big. Choose websites that offer online betting services so your stake has a better prognosis to be successful.



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