How I broke Diego Costa’s nose – Tomori


England new boy, Fikayo Tomori recounts how collision with former Chelsea striker Diego Costa earn him media attention at early stage of his Club career.

Tomori, 21, was still a schoolboy at the time he made headline for training-ground collision with the striker and left the latter with a broken nose.


Tomori said: “I was still in school and I didn’t actually know I’d done it.


“It was an accident. We both went up — he headed the back of my head and broke his nose.


“I didn’t know until the next day when it was all over the papers. I was getting a lot of messages as if I had meant to do it.


“I got a bit of stick. It was light-hearted, a lot of banter.


“I got back to school and people were asking me


“But he was all right about it. He didn’t kick me in training after that!”


Tomori, who has played six Premier League games for Chelsea this season, is in the England squad for the Euro 2020 qualifiers against Bulgaria and Czech Republic.


He turned the chance of playing for Nigeria and Canada in favor of England’s Three Lions.


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