How Ahmed Fresh Survived palace coup from his kingsmen.


Hatred, envy and backstabbing from trusted friends almost cost Fresh a third term ambition….

He is a man of the people, a friend of the media, a cheerful giver, an easy going politician, a fearless administrator and and a role model to many emerging FA chairmen especially in the Northern part of Nigeria, where his growing profile and influence has seriously touched the lives of many who love to associate with the lion of the Niger.

Three days to the NFF elective congress, Ahmed Yusuf fresh was expected by many, to easily scale the hurdle presented by the sudden emergence of Kwara state FA chairman, Busari Ishola who resisted every temptation to withdraw, to give the two incumbents, Ahmed Fresh and Hon.Yahaya Kwanda a run for their money.

One week to the polls, Fresh and Kwande had heaved a sigh of relief, when FCT FA chairman, Musa Talle pulled out of the race for no particular reasons.

Talle’s decision meant, the race for two slots in the North central zone, was to be shared among, two popular candidates, in Ahmed Fresh and Yahaya Kwande and the unpopular Busari, from Kwara state.

Two days to thd polls, Fresh had gathered his warriors from the Niger and they stormed Katsina with banners and placards, ready to celebrate the third missionary journey of the man many love to call the SPECIAL ONE.

Unknowingly to Fresh, a few of his friends, his special friends and colleagues had gathered in the dark to perfect his downfall. They had called FA chairmen from the North, South, East and West to intimate them of the Fresh agenda and the simple reason put forward by the plotters, was that he Fresh, has overstepped his boundaries, he has grown larger than life and has become a mini-god among his contemporaries.

Those he has helped to climb the ladder of success were at the forefront of this evil plan aimed at putting an end to the FRESH DYNASTY.

When NSM got the news on the eve of the election, the game plan was already perfected and all that was left is getting the job done.

One of Fresh’s strongest ally’s, a man he can give his eyes to, a man he fought so hard to impress with relative comfort, was the kingpin of this plot and in his words, Ahmed has bitten more than he can chew and must be taught some bitter lessons.

The first two meetings took place in Kano while the last meeting before the election proper was held at the Katsina hotel where almost all the delegates were lodged.

On election day proper, the enemies converged very early in the day, they smiled with Fresh in the open and turned behind to mock him. They had made up their minds to send him packiing from limelight and put off a burning candle he has spent over 20 years to protect.

After the first round of votes, this was what happened
……Ishola Busari 10
……Kwande 13
…….Fresh 16

Then, there was a second and third round to confirm who between Fresh and Kwande won the majority votes.

No one in his wildest dream will imagine that the strong man and biggest crowd puller of Nigeria football will have to stuggle to survive an election storm. An election that had over 20 Northern delegates participating. It was indeed a rude shock.

Infact, it took the quick intervention of NFF president Amaju Pinnick and some top officials the the executive committee, to appeal to some disgruntled friends before sanity prevailed.

They had made up their minds to puncture his ego and destroy a dynasty he laboured so hard to uplift.

When NSM put a call across to the man many call the Jagaban of Nigeria football on Friday, he was calm, cool and calculated.

NSM ; Alhaji how did it go in Katsina? Will you say it was a tough one for you?

FRESH; Wale Ajayi it was indeed very tough. I never envisaged what happened but that is election for you and we must learn to live with these surprises.

NSM; Will you say the process was free and fair?

FRESH; Oh!, no doubt this is the most peaceful election i have witnessed since i came into football over two decades ago. It was free and devoid of malpractices and crisis from start to finish.

NSM: If given a chance to decide which committee you wlll like to head, will it be the technical committee?

FRESH; That is not a decision for me to take, let’s savour the moment and celebrate our victories first. When the time comes, am sure our amiable president, Amaju Pinnick will know where best suits me and be sure i will accept any responsiblity given to me.

NSM: Thanks so much for your time.

FRESH: Thank you too, i am grateful.

Credit : Wale Ajayi


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