Hopefully more people start to talk! Onumonu Demands Change


Super Falcons Striker, Ifeoma Onumonu has shed light on the challenges the team encountered in their preparation for the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

In her post match interview, Onumonu revealed that Nigerian players weren’t given the best facilities to train with and they even had to share beds when they camped in Nigeria.


The forward’s revelation highlighted the vast disparity in training facilities between Nigeria and England.

“I’ve seen what England have access to. In Nigeria we don’t have access to much. Our training fields aren’t great,” Onumonu said.

“Where we sleep isn’t great. Sometimes we share beds. It’s not good enough. In terms of recovery, we don’t have much of any of that. We don’t have access to a gym in camp in Nigeria.

“There’s a lot that needs to be done. Hopefully more people start to talk about it. Coming here it’s hard to adjust. We do what we can because we love playing for our country but hopefully they make it easier for us to do our best.”

“[Back home] the [pitches] aren’t great. The grass is rocky, bumps everywhere. The stadium we play on for qualifying, you’d be surprised, I was surprised. You don’t even know where the ball is going to jump at you.”



“Our under‑20s went far in their World Cup and when they were sent home they were sleeping in airports for 24 hours. That’s not acceptable. What we have to fight for is bigger for us.”


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