Heartland Management not Normal, I love the Fans – Ilechukwu


Former Heartland FC boss, Fidelis Ilechukwu, said he holds no grudges against the management of his former side after a very fractious relationship in his time at the club.

The gaffer who is currently with Plateau United, claims he is still being owed salaries in excess of six million Naira, but will not hold it against Heartland and has refrained from discussion the challenges because of his loyalty to fans.
Ilechukwu said he has moved on from the wrong doings of the management of Heartland FC, and also expressed his love for the fans and indigenes of Owerri.
He told FL that fans came to his rescue, when he was being owed by the club.
‘They came through for me by providing food and other basic needs for me and my family.
‘ The reason why I stopped talking about the club negatively, except when it concerned the management, is because of the amount of affection and empathy the Fans showed.
‘Heartland management are not normal, those people are not normal.’
Fidelis Ilechukwu’s time at Heartland was blighted with impoverishment, but he managed to deliver a 13th place finish after battling relegation for the larger part of the season and then a notch higher in his second year with the Naze Millionaires.


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