Harrison Jalla Thumbs Up IMC For Remo Stars’ Punishment


The NPFL’s Interim Management Committee has been commended for adhering to their own rules following the sanctions meted to Remo Stars.

Speaking on the situation, Chairman of the Professional Footballers Association of Nigeria’s task force, Harrison Jalla argued that the manner of punishment imposed will help the development of the league.

A deduction of three points and three goals, as well as a fine of 1.25 million was imposed on Remo Stars for the assault on a match official during their NPFL match against Gombe United on Sunday.

The decision has been particularly applauded because Remo Stars were reprimanded despite the Chairman of the club, Kunle Soname, being a member of the Interim Management Committee.

“That decision was fair because it was a breach of the rule and they quickly applied it, and if the standard of the NPFL remains the way it is, the league will begin to find its rightful place in Africa.

“The fact that the owner of Remo is a member of the IMC shows that these guys are ready to create an atmosphere for the league to thrive,” Harrison Jalla argued.

“Not only Remo Stars, we have seen Lobi Stars and Doma United being checked recently, while Bayelsa United have also been punished by the same measures before,” he added.


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