Haaland’s Y-front Photo with Gallagher sends the Briefs’ Sales Soaring


Wearing Y-front (briefs) is now a thing in and around the City of Manchester and it Erling Haaland had a hand in it.

After Manchester City’s victory against Arsenal at the Etihad last month, a picture of Haaland alongside Club enthusiast and Oasis lead singer, Noel Gallagher outside of the locker room got social media buzzing.


The Forward took a photo in a Y-front, with his arms across Gallagher all in celebratory mood after the 4-1 whitewash of the Gunners.

The photograph surface on April 26, and since the purchases for the Y-front has skyrocketed, extraordinarily.

According to several sources, the sales have reached an increase of 45 percent for the formerly unfashionable style of underwear.

TOFS confirmed that they’ve noticed an outstanding growth of their sales recently with a network of 200 stores spread throughout the UK.


Y-front, Haaland, Manchester City, Noel Gallagher
Haaland in his Y-front (center) and Noel Gallagher (right)

Chief merchandising officer Tracy Ford highlighted that Y-front have traditionally had tough rivalry against boxer shorts but thanks to Haaland they have become popular yet again.

With his record-breaking season in Manchester City, Haaland became a worldwide sensation and his never-ending flood of goals has brought Manchester City within reach of an astonishing treble.


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