Grassroots Development is the Way Out – Fuludu


Former Nigeria international, Edema Fuludu has suggested that grassroots football development is an important way out of the current doldrums the Nations football has found itself.

Fuludu highlighted the failures of the Nigerian football system on Brila FM, including not qualifying for the FIFA world cup in Qatar being the height of it.
The former Midfielder also pointed out that the football leagues have not been doing well which makes it lack sponsorship and he believes that the development of grassroots football will revive the leagues and be able to measure the country’s football.
Edema Fuludu said that,’The proper structuring of football administration in the country will enable us train our Coaches and in turn benefit players.’
‘We can then go ahead and also help our young players grow, learn and understand the game. Even Coached will be employed based on merit.’
The Tunisia ’94 AFCON winner said that with the development of grassroots football, proper structuring, judicious exploitation of funds will create a better system for the country’s football.
He however opined that the present administrators have not helped matters, and have in fact held back the development of football in the country.
‘They have failed woefully by holding back those who actually want to make things work, but I believe there’s a still a chance we will get it right.’


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