Give Women football more attention – Alice Ogebe


Super Falcons strikers Alice Ogebe has urged the Nigeria Football Federation to pay may more attention to women’s football and the senior women’s team like they do the men’s team.

Ogebe who was a member of the Nigeria team to the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup welcomed the idea of the NFF giving much more to women’s football than is currently done.


The 24 year-old, who plays for NWPL side Rivers Angels, was asked her thoughts on the pay disparity in football; between Men and Women’s teams, on Brila FM’s Area Sports Women Show.


‘I feel personally, that the authorities can do more for women football,’ Ogebe said.


‘You don’t get the type of attention, investments; financial and moral support like the men, and for a change we would also like to experience some of such things.


‘We don’t get 50 percent of what the men get in that regards and the gap is widening. If we could get just a 50 percent, it will go a long way,’ she said.


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