Gift Orban earns Notoriety Label in Belgium Press


Former Royal Antwerp and KAA Gent goalkeeper, Wim De Coninck has expressed his dissatisfaction with Nigerian forward Gift Orban’s recent performances.

In a conversation with Het Nieuwsblad, De Coninck criticized Orban’s attitude, suggesting that the young player prioritizes himself over the team.


De Coninck emphasized the importance of patience and hard work and urged Orban to focus on the team’s goals rather than individual success.

“What Gift accomplished during his first months in Ghent was miraculous, phenomenal,” De Coninck said.

“It is normal that such a performance cannot last forever. Even then, you could see that he was mainly focusing on himself.

“They definitely tried to get him to focus more on the team, but he lost sight of that a little bit.

“We especially now see his shortcomings and he is fighting with himself. How to resolve this? It will take patience, I fear. We very rarely see Orban in the zone of truth. It must be difficult for him. Just a few months ago, we were talking about a big transfer to England or elsewhere.

“Now he is on the bench at Gent, and he has to overcome this difficult period, which is probably new for him. I’m sure they try to talk to him a lot at Gent, but if they then put him on the bench.”

Gift Orban however, has responded to his critics in recent times by scoring two goals in three games from the bench, and has also demanded more playing time whilst threatening to leave the club if he does not get more starts under his belt.


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