Gernot Rohr describes Aiteo cup finals satisfactory


Speaking exclusively to is the head coach of the Super eagles Gernot Rohr on his assessment of the 2018 Aiteo Cup final.

It was an interesting match with lots of suspense having Kano pillars leading three zero who were the better team in the first half and the other team Rangers Int’l bounced back with much vigour in the second half which was a big surprise to behold.

In football, it is not finished on till the final whistle blows off, once again we saw it happening, even when your losing in a game, you have to keep fighting to win the game as much as you can.

Although it was a regrettable one that extra time was not granted, they are professional and they deserved to have that extra time of play.

To me going straight to a penalty shoot out, without playing the extra time seems to me as cruelty to the team losing knowing fully well the professional standard of Cup competitions around the world.

It was good match , a nice stadium here in Asaba, thought there still little hitches when it come to the pitch that needs to be worked on because the pitch is not yet really good for the Super Eagles to make use of it now but in a few weeks it will be good for use i guess .

I am satisfied with the match, i didn’t really see much of an outstanding player compared to what we have already in the super eagles for now.

But i did see a player from the Kano pillars (Nguwua Nyima) in the first half who was good in the field of play and also saw few in the second half from the Rangers team , but honestly i cannot say they can make Super Eagles squad for now.


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