Gata: Wikki Tourists getting better


Issa Gata believes Wikki Tourists will keep improving as the 2018/19 Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) season progresses.

Wikki Tourists beat Katsina United on Sunday to move up to fifth spot in Group A with six games of the season to go.
According to Gata, Wikki Tourists haven’t fulfilled their potential yet.
“By the end of the season we will be better than Sunday, with more hope,” the attacker said to
“I am convinced that we will have an incredible end to the season.
“Katsina United was a hard and difficult opposition. They put in a great effort.
“We notice tiredness in some phases of games but we make up for it with enthusiasm and heart, and this team has a lot of heart.”
Gata called on Wikki Tourists to maintain the same sort of fight they have shown throughout the campaign.
“We defend the points we have with all we have, with a great deal of effort,” he continued.
“The three points were very valuable because Katsina United are a very good team but we stayed grounded, which is most important.
“We showed that we are a great team. I don’t know if we’re the best team but we run the most and work the most.
“We need the support of our people. They can see that we left everything on every ball and we have the same goal as they do, to achieve great things.”


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