FOYFP! Jill Scott Vows to Relive Controversial EURO 2022 Moment if…


England Lionesses legend Jill Scott has made an audacious pledge, revealing her plans for a daring tattoo if England emerges victorious in the Women’s World Cup.

Speaking on her podcast, Jill Scott’s Coffee Club, the 36-year-old football star recalled her infamous swearing incident during the Euro 2022 final, where she mouthed off at a German player.


She admitted that she would get an acronym of her swearing tirade inked on her body as a testament to her promise.

The former Manchester City Women’s Midfielder declared, “I’m going to make a pact now live on the podcast, OK? I don’t know if I should be doing this, I’ve had a few coffees today. But when England win the World Cup, I will get FOYFP tattooed on me.” Her enthusiastic commitment added a touch of excitement to the discussion.

The incident that sparked this potential tattoo saga occurred when Scott was fouled by Germany’s Syndey Lohmann.

Displaying her fiery spirit, the England star immediately confronted her opponent with a passionate outburst that was caught on camera.


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