Former Super Eagles backs CHAN team to qualify, berates League organizers


Nigeria suffered a a heavy 4-1 defeat to Togo in an African Nations Championship qualifier on Sunday and according to former Super Eagles midfielder, Godwin Okpara the result reflects the state of the NPFL and football administration in the Country.

Okpara slammed the organizers of the Nigerian league, but exonerated the players and expressed hope they can overturn the deficit in the second-leg.


“Everything is possible but coming back to the league, you can see that our football now, that things are not working fine the way it’s suppose to be,” He told


“I can’t lie to you, am so disappointed in our football and our football management, they are not doing anything, instead of going up its coming down.


“Everyone in the league wants to be a Football Agent; Chairman and the coaches want to own players, those things are killing our football seriously, that’s why we don’t have a good league today.


“The Kenya league is better compared to ours, the main problem here is not that we don’t have the right players, but because everyone one wants to field his own players it’s affecting the national teams,” the former Eagles midfielder said.


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