Former NFF Chief Lauds NPFL Clubs willing to Pay Players 25% of Wages


A former NFF Technical Committee chairman, Chris Green has lauded NPFL clubs willing to pay players 25% of their wages after the suspension of the league due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Green however slammed the quality of the NPFL and the LMC for the slow response to the plight of players welfare since the suspension of the league.
“It’s a Sorry situation because we don’t have a league, our league is not in existence so where do we begin? It is only when you have a league where things are done properly that you can talk about pay cut or no pay cut,” Green told footballlive.
“Those teams that are even going to give their players 25% of their salaries, they have tried. The governments have even tried for them, but what about the LMC?”
“Where will they come in to assist? “
“The LMC would have gotten sponsorship money and said okay, we understand the situation with the teams’ policy of no work no pay. They are not getting money from anywhere now but we (LMC) have this as a guarantee sum from sponsorship, don’t worry we have 25 percent or 30 percent of your salaries so that we don’t mitigate the terms of your contract.”
He continued, “I also heard that some clubs insured their players a lot of people are clapping their hands for them, is it not the first thing to do before the players signed the team before playing?”


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