Foreign based players need competition in Eagles – Shorunmu


Former Super Eagles goalkeeper trainer Ike Shorunmo has made appeal for efforts to develop the Nigerian leagues and quality of play for a better national team.

Shorunmu advocated for home based players to be given a fair chance of competing in the national teams in order to create the right mix of home and foreign based players for Nigeria football to grow.


Reviewing Nigeria’s AFCON 2019 campaign, Shorunmu told Shorunmo said at times all that is needed by the coaching crew is knowing when to take professional risks like the 2013 AFCON squad.


“We need to work more on our league, if our league is still the same the way we have been running before, things would have been better.


“When the foreign base came to the camp, they probably know they’ll be no competition and will stroll in to pick up jerseys. But if there is a competition for them and especially from home, it might be different.


“And again risk taking is involved because if you don’t take risk, you might not get what you’re looking for.”


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