First Leg Blunders Cost Us CHAN 2020 Qualifications – Amapakabo


Home based head coach Imama Amapakabo says lack of composure and technical blunders were the undoing for his side’s failure to qualify for 2020 CHAN.

After 4-1 loss to Togo in the first leg, Sikiru Alimi’s goal in each half proved insufficient for qualification at the Agege Township stadium.


Reacting to the match, the coach said “No two games are alike. The circumstance in our first game was quite difference from this. Today we had a bit of time.


“We also got to know the Togolese team a little bit to match their tactics. We won the game but the result wasn’t good enough for us to qualify.


“Technically we made some blunders in the first game which has cost us dearly. We had our chances but a bit of anxiety. They were not able to calm down in front of goal.


“Through out the game , Togo didn’t have a shot on target. They stuck to their game plan but unfortunately we were unable to convert our chances,” he concluded.


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