Falcons on the path of the Golden gloves Award.


Following the scintillating performances top teams in the on going AWCON in Ghana presently  the total numbers of goals scored and conceded by each country in the group stage was indicates the Super falcons might for more  grabs.

 Below are the statistics of goals scored and Conceded during the just concluded  group stage matches of the on going AWCON
Nigeria  Scored 10 Goals and Concede 1
South Africa Scored 9 and Concede 2
Cameroon Scored 6 and Concede 2
Zambia scored 6 and concede 5
Mali Scored 6 and Concede 6
Ghana scored 3 and Concede 3
Algeria  Scored 2 Concede 7
Equatorial Guinea scored 1 Concede 19.
From these group stage statistics it show Equatorial Guinea as the worst loser having conceded 19 goals in three consecutive matches played .
While the Super Falcons scored 10 goals and  conceded just one goal in three consecutive matches played in the group stage.
With such outstanding performance of the Super Falcons the Golden Gloves Award might be in favour of the Super  Falcons of Nigeria .


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