Exclusive Interview With Super Falcons Goalkeeper Tochukwu Oluehi


*Question *: What was going through your mind when the penalty shoot out when your colleague was actually in the goal post?

 *Oluehi *: I had this self-confidence within me because I know this is not our first time of doing it, I believed with her been in the post, I knew she can do it and she really proved it, I was so happy at the end result.
 *Question *: What keeps you all unified as one in the goalkeeping department?
 *Oluehi* : It’s love and unity, you can’t be in a good place and still have hatred for one and another?  you have to be together,  work together, laugh together, have a unified purpose of direction and then you will excel in life,  and that have been our secret,  that have been keeping us together ever since we’ve been in camp.
I will say for the first in my career I see everyone happy in the goalkeeper’s department, our time in camp was void of grudges and hatred, which helped us to achieve our set goals throughout the tournament.
 *Question *: Which team will you see as a threat to the Super Falcons?
 *Oluehi* : For me it’s basically France, because they are good with the ball,  they have more aggressive and experienced players but doesn’t mean we don’t have much too,  but I must say they are good, for now, I can’t say much but 90 minutes will be the judge of that day.
 *Question *: Your take on Asisat Oshaola making her appearance as the first Nigerian in the UEFA women champions league?
 *Oluehi* : I was so happy for her,  learnt she came in as a substitute in the second half, she actually came and proved to the world that yes she can do it, which I am extremely happy for her,  secondly she scoring a goal in the Champions League, I strongly believe she’s going to do much more in the World Cup.


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