Exclusive interview with Ex Super Falcons of Nigeria Maureen Madu



*Question* : Can we know you?

*Maureen* :My name is Maureen Madu .

*Question* : Maureen you played in the National team for more than a decade , if i may asked what can you say about this generation of players in the Super Falcons now ?

*Maureen* : It is glaring we have a good set players in this generation looking at WAFU tournament that just ended , we saw a lot of wonderful players with good character of play, Which means as time goes new generation of great players will keep emerging.

*Question* : During your playing day you were called an aggressive midfielder , which player do you see a reflection of yourself in, during your active days among the Super Falcons ?

*Maureen* : Looking at my style of play, i would say Ngozi Okobi and Halima , but Ngozi is more like me, i am aggressive player, so she is too in the field of play, thought there are many others playing in the midfield, but Ngozi possesses my kind of quality , it a thing of joy to see a reflection of yourself in the field of play.

*Question* : The World Cup is at the door step, what lesson do you think this team has learnt from the WAFU tournament proper?

*Maureen* : Focus and determination , winning the WAFU Cup made learnt more lessons of motivation to strive ahead with confidence for he World Cup ahead.


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