Exclusive: How I escaped Sexual harassment set up – Udeze


Ex-Super Eagles defender, Ifeanyi Udeze spoke on how he was almost set up for sexual harassment, he dropped the exclusive on his show “No Holds Barred”, on Brila FM as he commented on Frenchman, Benjamin Mendy’s rape charges.

The former West Brom player recalled his ordeal in England when a promiscuous friend of his, who he wanted to help with his travel documents, almost put him in a similar situation as Benjamin Mendy.

“When I was in England, I had a friend who lived with me and had been on my neck to help him with his documents worth about £4000,” Udeze recalled.

“But, every time he always brings home different women asking me to help him pay off the women.”

“It became a regular thing until the day I couldn’t stand it anymore and I voiced out that he can’t be collecting money every day just for women and still expect me to help with the £4000, because the money he collects daily for women was enough to pay for the documents.

“So, one day I went for training and when I came back he already had two women at the house and told me that he brought the second lady for me.

“I was surprised and asked where she was, only for me to discover that he had already taken her to my room and she was there naked on my bed. He had the audacity to take her into my room without my permission.

“So I told him that I am not interested and he replied that since we have been working it was just a chance to enjoy, but, I insisted that I wasn’t interested and I needed to rest.

“So I left the room and went to another room. The other room wasn’t as comfortable as my room so I went back to my room and kindly asked the lady to leave. She was reluctant and even started raising her voice at me, I told her that this is my house and this was my room and she had to leave.

“The back and forth attracted my friend and I was very livid. I asked my friend to leave the house and she also decided left with him.

“She started dressing up and tried to use her bag to cover up something, so as I noticed the movement and I started asking what she was holding and she kept saying it was nothing, so my friend grabbed her hand and we realised that she was hiding a small camera that she kept installed in my room.

“My friend was shocked and I made him realise the repercussions of what he did. If I wasn’t courteous and fell for the trap, she would have used the video to blackmail me for money or she would have sold the video to all media outlets in England and the next day I would have been the talk of the town.

“My friend realised his mistakes and started pleading but it would have been a different case, if I had fallen for the trap.”


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