Everton’s Managerial reshuffle saved Iwobi – Steven


Former Everton star Trevor Steven has revealed the reason behind Alex Iwobi’s resurgence.

Steven, a former RB, stated that Iwobi’s form is a reflection of the new good feeling within the Club under the leadership of Frank Lampard.

“A great working environment changes people’s performance and I would highlight someone on this, Alex Iwobi,” the former Everton man said.

“He had to struggle and struggle and struggle to find his game because we had an unstable environment and a disconnect.

“Now we’ve got a togetherness and the lad looks like a different player. He’s been a shining example of someone who could see that if he got it right here, this is someplace to be.

“He’s stuck at it, ridden the hurdles and now he sets his bar when it comes to standards. He’s also got the ability to go with it and that’s what I see as an example of fundamental changes,” Stevens told Liverpool Echo.

Iwobi has featured in seven league games for Everton this season, recording two assists and picking up on yellow card.


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