Everton humiliated in FA Cup elimination but Iwobi was a bright spot


Sunday was another bad at the office for Everton Manager Frank Lampard, but it also saw  Alex Iwobi come off the bench making his appearance as a RWB, which is more important to pay a cursory look at.

Everton have been poor, maybe even worse than anyone thought they could turn out to be this term, so they certainly weren’t anybody’s favorite against Crystal Palace in the quarter-final match at Selhurst Park.
It was yet another reality check for the Toffees who were brutally beaten 4-0 by their hosts, but also a moment of realization for Iwobi who put in a good shift – another good shift in an unorthodox position.
He came on in the final 18 minutes of the game and brought some fresh impetus of the bench, but it was a lost cause for Everton by this time as they trailed 2-0 and the players looked like they couldn’t wait for the final whistle.


Perhaps it is time for the 25 year-old to “shelve” his number 10 aspirations because that doesn’t seem to be getting him anywhere at club level or in the national team.
Under at least two Everton bosses and even Unai Emery at Arsenal, Iwobi’s best games have come playing deep on the right side; where he has had the most impact and freedom for a footballer with his talent to express all his abilities and be effective for the team.
He has got goals, assists and even managed to score two PL goals in a single season; one short of his season high; measly but a refreshing perspective for the winger.
However, any hope of adding another FA Cup medal or any other medal to the ones at his Pop’s house isn’t happening this season, but his stats could improve if he looked in the direction of doing more from the flanks.
So perhaps he has failed thus far to justify his £35m price tag, because there’s hardly been any bright spot to pick out at Goodison park, but two goals and an assist from 17 league appearances don’t already look good for a season’s end assessment.


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